Tanaka Face Self Massage

http://www.helenmcguinness.com Helen McGuinness demonstrates how to do a deep cleanse and tone for a professional Facial Treatment. Taken from her DVD – Faci…
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  1. WorkoutVideosX says:

    You could use a hydrating cream, that is what i do. And my eye cream for the eye area. Or you try it without, but your skin will be a little red after. The model in the video does it without.

  2. Anh Dương says:

    I have oily skin. is it nessesary to use any kinds of oil or cream?

  3. WorkoutVideosX says:

    My face feels a bit hot after the massage as well.
    If your skin is sensitive then better use some creme.

  4. xvmpx says:

    wow i did this without any oil or crème but my face feels like it’s on fire!! haha.. is that alright??

  5. WorkoutVideosX says:

    Just try the massage for a week or two and you will see the difference. (If you can take a before photoe) It firms the skin and lifts. It feels really good too.
    You can use coconut oil. I personally like to use my normal facial and eye cream for the massage.

  6. PeachyMangoPie says:

    hi. i have an ovalish,roundish face shape.(think an egg) . so i have chubby cheeks whether i gained or lose weight. but recently i lose some weight and i noticed my right side of my cheek sags a little. im wondering if this massage will aid in lifting and firming the face?please reply. and what natural oil is advisable to use in conjunction with this routine?

  7. WorkoutVideosX says:

    At any age. It is a lymph massage youcannot go wrong with it

  8. hoodo78 says:

    What age can u start doing this massage?

  9. WorkoutVideosX says:

    Do you see results?

  10. CleanPowerAuto says:

    I do this two times a day every day,using coconut oil. Thank you!

  11. VanityVain1 says:

    Wow! Love your channe! More like this please! Ciao Bella!

  12. VanityVain1 says:

    Great video thanks!

  13. Jessica Gan says:

    I do this while washing my face using face wash with a lot of water! I love it!

  14. sunnykimmy says:

    You need to use something, it’s in the video. Usually it’s best to use an oil for massaging.

  15. SheSaidTeAmo says:

    You must use some sort of lotion for this massage :)

  16. tendee7 says:

    hi…is it ok to use moisturizing cream to do this massage or is is better not using anything???please let me know …and also the pressure …if i put more pressure doing this massage do i get better result ???thank you in advance…

  17. TheItplayer says:

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  18. emareusemal says:

    How often do you do this? Just wondering because I am very excited to try this!

  19. WorkoutVideosX says:

    I am doing it since a few months and I see instant improvement right after. Long time muscle tone improvement started being visible maybe after 1-2 months

  20. TotallyTyra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. How long have you done it and did you notice improvement?

  21. Tikayyan says:

    Great video. Helen’s are some of the best relaxation videos out there. Can’t believe this only has 56k views in two years. A hidden gem!

  22. Rosie Roberts says:

    You have a lovely tone of voice. So calming and relaxing

  23. lemons1983 says:

    This is great! I’ve got a facial exam tomorrow so I hope with this vid as support to remind me the techniques I’ll pass! Thank you. Excellent watch very relaxing!!!

  24. Lectori Salutem says:

    @brecklynnlavone That’s exactly what I think of this vid. Very relaxing voice and manner, great to watch AND giving me inspiration for the next facial massage I’ll do at a friend. Thanks to Helen McGuinness and please continue!”

  25. Brecklynn Sample says:

    This was a fantastic video… I mostly just watch because Helen’s wonderfully, calming voice relaxes me, however I could have done without the 1980′s movie soundtrack music in the background the entire time.

  26. buldevil says:

    that was great to watch, made me feel relaxed jus watching it. ive done a facial course but its been two years since ive used this method so it was great to brush up. thanks

  27. lovelifeto says:

    ZZzzzzzzzzzzz just fel asleep wow!

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