The Sedator Foot Massage – the Ultimate Relaxation by Louisville massage therapist Heather Wibbels – This foot massage technique rocks! Every client who loves foot massage ADORES this technique. I save 10-15 minutes in the m…
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19 Responses to The Sedator Foot Massage – the Ultimate Relaxation by Louisville massage therapist Heather Wibbels

  1. leighn Coy says:

    Great and wonderful video! We just started showing the massaging of the feet of Mrs S–All are welcomed to join.

  2. BedazzleGlitterGal says:

    so many pervs :/

  3. xLuckyxShadowx25 says:

    now to have him do this to you hehe xp

  4. MB T says:

    I’m not a trained masseusse, but have given foot massages very similar to this to my wife many times. She really enjoys it, it actually often puts her to sleep it is that relaxing.

  5. Grayson Cash says:

    Nice feet, but what color polish is that gold or brown? Horrible choice…much better in black or red…

  6. MegaNowaydude says:

    im not licenced but, i know tons of tacniecs. and i used to be a footoligist but then i quit. sorry for spelling im asian

  7. TheMICVIANA says:

    ah eu quero uma massagem, também!!!!! se não eu vou chorar , buáááááááááááá…….

  8. lvcarmel says:

    You and Me see things very much the same :):)

  9. bladenrocks says:

    I like to say Wibbels. It’s fun. Wibbles. Try it! Wibbels.

  10. chick pea says:

    I have been xmas shopping and hav been walking for 5 hours – I need this!!

  11. cbohar84 says:

    ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_-

  12. TheDanny1920 says:


  13. massagebyheatherw says:

    Me too! I have yet to find a massage therapist who knows it to do the technique on me. :-)

  14. ErinOnThaTube says:

    I want this!!

  15. MutantZombe says:

    lol what a pro o___O

  16. massagebyheatherw says:

    Glad he loved it! It’s super easy on you and feels good for him. By the way, my husband kept telling me I needed to practice more. Turns out it wasn’t because I really needed practice. Rather, it was because he wanted more foot massage. Enjoy!

  17. TheChemelynn says:

    I tried this on my husband and he LOVED it! This is a great tutorial, and a super relaxing foot massage. Thanks!

  18. massagebyheatherw says:

    Thanks! It’s so relaxing for my clients they often request it. :-)

  19. vadinz says:

    omg i feel like im falling asleep just watching you do this!! i need your massage!

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